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Blak & Blu
Blak & Blu

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Blak & Blu

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What people say about Blak & Blu?

This Album is the Truth
I am a bit surprised by all of the ambivalent reviewers on Amazon. This album is remarkable from start to finish and I’m not finding any dull tracks whatsoever.

First, let’s get something clear. Gary Clark Jr. is not a newcomer as some people are suggesting. He has several self-released albums which for some reason are not available on Amazon but I have in my iTunes library: Worry No More, 110, Gary Clark Jr. and the commercially released Bright Lights EP. Those releases sound like demos compared to ‘Blak and Blu’ – which offers rich instrumental arrangements and seamlessly unites the classic with the modern.

The production is diverse and provides a fusion of so many different influences and genres: a creature that’s part Jimi Hendrix, part Gov’t Mule, part Amorica/Three Snakes-era Black Crowes, and a tablespoon of Ben Harper, while interstitially placing songs resonating classic Muddy Waters and even Marvin Gaye (“Please Come Home” is the modern-day “Distant…
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